Where can I get a Free Tutor Online?

While it’s always great to meet face-to-face when it’s possible, but in today’s world, online tutoring is the perfect way to go. The best online free tutoring platforms are now available to help students study easily from home for free.

Onlinetutoringsource is one of the most suitable platforms to enroll your child to study online for free. It is a non-profit organization that brings one on one online tutoring to youth around the world. It provides opportunities for students to learn and develop their skills to thrive. Moreover, they teach mathematics, reading, writing, science for k-12 material, etc.We exclusively focuses on user friendly and result in centric learning For O LevelA-LevelSATIB and IGCSE in UAE Region.

Tutorme aims to inculcate students by teaching 30 different subjects through subject experts of Top UK Universities. They explain difficult concepts using whiteboard, pictures, and interactive exercises to make learning fun and easy.

Khan Academy is also designed to boost your child’s education by providing curriculum material, one-on-one instruction, and suitable learning planners. And the most important thing is that it is 100% free.

Skooli is also suitable for students, especially if your child is stuck in a tricky homework question or needs any support. You can connect to tutors 24/7. This site offers all sorts of subjects and grade levels.

The cost of tutoring depends on few factors. Let’s discuss what these factors are:

Factors affecting the cost of distance learning

  • It depends on the experience and qualification of the tutors. Most of the professionals, experienced and trained teachers are more expensive. Quality of the online education classes however do not depends on the price of the course. You may find best teachers at low rates with good qualification background.
  • Teachers who have been tutoring students of SAT O-Level, A-Level, IB and GCSE/IGCSE always charge high rate due to their experience of teaching most difficult courses.
  • A higher level of educational degree also makes them expensive. A highly qualified and expert tutor demand higher fees.
  • Cost of online e-learning also depends on the courses you are taking. Language courses are simple and they do not involve higher costs. Course related to latest application, web development, programming and other technical subjects are very expensive. They need skilled tutors and that’s why taking more fees from the students.
  • The duration of an online course affects cost of the tutoring. Short duration e-learning courses are less expensive than courses of few months. If you can’t afford long courses of 5 to six months then start taking distance learning course whose duration is 3 to 4 weeks. This is also beneficial.

Hourly rates of professionals starts from 30$ per hour and you will also find monthly packages which starts from 300$ in many online e-learning options. School level education is not very advanced and most of the tutors need not to be professionals. They can teach school level students easily without having advanced skills and certifications. Their fees range from 10$ to 15$ per hour.

All the tutoring techniques are not the same. Different tutors used different tools to teach courses to the students. Various students analyze the skills of the students and then use tools. The more advanced tools demand larges fees.

 Our Expertise is in O-Level Subjects  EnglishMathsPhysicsChemistry  , A-Level Subjects (MathsPhysicsChemistry and English, SAT I/II, GCSE/ IGCSE Subjects English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry and International Baccalaureate (IB) subjects like MathsPhysics, Chemistry and English