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When it comes to international qualifications, the first name that comes to mind is IGCSE, which is the International General Certificate of Secondary Education. If you want to take admission in an international school, then you will know this term IGCSE. This is one of the mainly used curriculums around the world. For them to complete their secondary education, this international certificate is a must. This IGCSE certificate equals the UK GCSE, 5th form of 11 years and o ‚Äď levels. For to promote to the next class or A level or six forms, this certificate is vital.

Prepare for IGCSE with online tutoring source

Are you looking for someone who can help you in preparing for IGCSE? If yes, then¬†IGCSE Tutors Dubai¬†can help you in this. To get a good or excellent grade in IGCSE, you need to contact us. We have knowledgeable and experienced teachers at our online tutoring source. The learning sessions by our teachers are straightforward. The sessions are a mixup of learning as well as fun. The unique teaching style of our tutors will surely impress you. You will meet the best teachers at online tutoring sources who provide you with the finest education and prepare you well for further studies. We help our students explore a new world where education plays a significant role in developing their careers with our subjects. The lessons are offered to the individual or in groups. It’s all depends on the student’s choice if they want to choose an individual class or group.

All our tutors are very well trained. We provide certified lesson plans to every student. with the help of a practice question paper; it is easy for students to attend the actual exam; this is why our tutors also conduct weekly tests. To check the recent performance, the tutors have taken regular tests, and their reports are always shared with the parents.

Different types of packages at online tutoring source

¬†If you are worried about the fees, then don’t worry. Our fees are affordable. You will get two packages of one-on-one tutoring, and the other one is the crash course, which is a group class. for the demo class, you don’t need to pay anything, and the duration of the demo class is 30 minutes. In the demo class, only one on one tutoring will be provided. In the crash course of the group, you need to pay $12- 16 on an hourly basis, whereas $17 ‚Äď 27 for one-on-one tutoring. In our packages, studies concepts are the same. Weekly tests will be conducted in both packages. We don’t add a large number of students to our group classes. Our small batch contains only 3 to 5 students, not more than this.

The main focus of our startup company is to provide affordable education to all the students with the latest advancements. We have a very well-experienced and small group of tutors, such as IGCSE Tutors Dubai, who are experienced in their respective fields. Our educational platform is designed very effectively for the students. With our education platform, you will find there is no difference between actual and real-time classes. Students can quickly clear their doubts which they do in their introductory class.

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