Keys to Success in Math

Each school system attaches great importance to mathematics. It is clear that, although your professional future is not going to be closely related, and, even if you do not intend to make use of them in the long term, it is a discipline that allows you to select and classify students.In short, although you may not want to continue studying mathematics in higher mathematics courses, it is likely that those around you will advise you to opt for a science itinerary if you have a good level.  How progress in mathematics?

Are we all the same when it comes to mathematics?

We need them in our daily lives: to make arrangements at home, to cook, to be a hairdresser, an architect or a researcher, among others (see professions for geeks). There will always be at least one or more slide rules that we have to master.

Mathematics helps to structure our brain and our knowledge, with them we learn to synthesize ideas , to demonstrate and justify.

Therefore, it is essential to begin to understand mathematics well from the first years of school, and even more so during high school. Even mastering mental math can be very helpful.So how do you get to be successful and improve in this subject? We explain here the keys that can lead anyone to become a math genius.

The first clues to being an ace in dunk

How do you explain that some students seem to have a natural gift for mathematics, while others seem doomed to never understand anything, to fail again and again?

Is there a secret?

More than that, it is a method that we can divide into 4 points and that leads to very good results. In addition, at Online Tutoring Source  we provide you with different secondary math courses so that you can choose the one that best suits you.

Mastering math classes

It seems obvious at first glance, but it is important to remember: to be able to solve a mathematical problem, you have to understand it, and, for this, you must first have learned what has been seen in class. Students often persist in going over math classes with dozens of exercises, but have they really retained the lesson? The student must learn formulas and theorems by heart, and must return to take a look at the exercises that the teacher did. Wanting to solve a math problem without knowing the lesson is like trying to start building your house from the roof.  Succeeding with mathematics comes first (and inevitably) from learning each lesson well; just like a musician, he plays the different scales to warm up and remember the foundations of his skill.

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Actively read sentences

Despite what you may think, math statements are not trivial.  Beyond a simple description of what is requested, the statements usually contain the necessary methodology to solve a problem or exercise.  If you pay attention to the statement, the student will have already gained time and efficiency when working.  Thus, the reading of these statements must not be passive: the student must become an active subject of what he reads. For example, while reading a sentence about right triangles, instead of reading it in a linear way, you should already begin to gather your knowledge about them: the theorem of Pythagoras and Thales, the formulas of trigonometry, etc.  This active reading allows us to truly face the problem that is exposed in the exercise with the knowledge acquired.

A reflective reading allows us to adequately interpret the statement through the knowledge that the student already possesses; hence the importance, let’s remember, of knowing and mastering math lessons. By applying this methodology of active reading of the sentences, you can even put yourself before the other questions of the exercises.


Repeat the exercises corrected in class

Mathematics is a science that often forces us to repeat the same exercises several times. We must soak up the spirit of mathematics and go further in our understanding of it. There is only one method to excel in math: repeating the exercises your teacher did in class. And, the more you repeat them, the better you will be able to understand their problems, the better you will assimilate their writing and the teacher’s explanations. This may be your debut as a good math student .


The fault is to read the corrected version of the activities only once. You have to read it and reread it to make sure that we have understood it correctly.

Take the test: let a few days pass between two exercises and then try to solve the first one again. You will see to your surprise that you no longer know how to do it. On the other hand, if you have worked, read and reread the same exercise until you have fully understood it, you will not feel lost and you will be able to solve it in a short time.

Work more

To excel in math, it is not enough to limit yourself to doing the exercises that the teacher commands; We must go further. Training is one of the keys to being successful; You will only achieve good results by developing your work capacity , that is, doing more exercises than necessary.


It’s simple: take your math book, ask your teacher or search the internet for school support pages and you will find activities that have already been corrected.


Do your best: the more exercises and problems you solve (and the more you reflect on them), the better you will get.


This advice is useful for both college and high school students. It is very possible that, on the day of the math test, you will find one of the exercises with which you practiced.  So do not forget, this is one of the key points to pass and improve your level of dunks .


Be a math genius… self-taught!

To secure honors in the 2nd year of high school mathematics (or to become scholars in the field), students must be motivated and willing to be personally involved.  In fact, individual work allows the development of logic and autonomy, two essential qualities to solve the problems that are posed to us in the exams.  For this personal study, using only the class material is not enough. If you go back to doing the exercises that you have already done in class and correct them with your classmates, it will surely help you to learn the unit and the content well, but it does not expose you to new tasks as will happen on the day of the exam. If you are new to studying math, it is possible to study on your own without the help of a math teacher. How? Well, creating your own review cards with the help of certain free educational tools that are at your disposal.


The best tools to learn math on your own are:


  • Online math classes.
  • Math exercises online.
  • Math school textbooks.
  • Educational math videos.
  • Podcasts about math.
  • MOO math courses.

With these resources, the student can review the official mathematics program of the Ministry of Education while progressing in the contents to increase their level of mathematics in just a few months. In fact, the general classes of the teachers in the school are perfect to have the basic level of the subject, but they do not allow us to go into more detail in all the concepts … adapting the class to each student is almost impossible!

Therefore, if you want to improve your level, you will have to look for complementary mathematics classes and thus reach your goal of the honors degree (or to raise your average of the evaluation or the course).  Your grade together with your self-learning ability will allow you to apply to the most demanded scientific branches!


With a good knowledge of mathematics, you can become:

  • Expert in biostatistics.
  • Accounting expert.
  • Astronomer
  • Senior technician, etc.

This type of self – training in mathematics has to start as soon as possible, even from school. In the university entrance exams, it is necessary to show a great capacity for autonomy and independence in order to later study a degree or a master’s degree. Now you have all the necessary tools at your fingertips to achieve your goals!

Get the pencil and paper ready!

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Being good at math … a question of intelligence or discipline?

“I’m not smart enough to excel in math.”


“My teammates have an easier time with math than I do.”


“I’m good at letters, so I can’t be good at science.”


Stereotypes like these flood our day to day! They must be eliminated!


We must not fall into the trap of thinking that our brain is not capable of exceling in mathematics: everyone has a mathematics expert at their disposal … bringing it up depends on motivation and discipline!


Although the type of intelligence that you have cannot be changed, since it depends on our genes and social context, it can strengthen some parts of our brain. Since we are little, we can practice cognitive exercises to muscle our brain and our mathematical and logical intelligence, through games such as dominoes. However, if you are one of those who cannot stop learning, we also help you find basic math courses for adults.


Mathematics is indispensable for many studies:

  • Bachelor of Science.
  • Vocational training.
  • Technical drawing.
  • Any engineering.

In order to study the discipline you want, you will have to be motivated and have support from your parents and teachers.


“For example, parents and teachers could explain to students how important a role mathematics plays in everyday life. The idea is based on the students creating a link between what they learn in class, their future, reality and their life.”


Intrinsic motivation will help the intellectual blocks and psychological blocks of the student: no matter the course, any student can excel in mathematics based on work and rigor. Through exercises and self-taught work, students will become geniuses of calculus and algebra.


What applications exist to improve in mathematics?

To learn math, can you use an application?

These educational softwares are available to Internet users for free. They allow you to learn with the help of a virtual trainer . The applications offer you the possibility of taking math exams, tests, practicing for selectivity, etc. The student can import all the data on their mobile, tablet or computer … so they can review on the bus or in the library!


However, the applications are primarily intended for newcomers in this field.


In other words, this type of learning is ideal for children in primary school or in the first years of ESO : they will be able to internalize the basic knowledge of mathematics:


  • The multiplication tables. 
  • Relative numbers.
  • Complex numbers.
  • Integer numbers.
  • Decimal numbers

Online classes and exercises usually offer different levels of difficulty, as well as statistics and graphs that show the progress of the student. The student will be able to define in advance a specific objective and observe what their difficulties are, how they can improve their logic and what is the best way to learn.  It is advisable to do this type of exercise 2 or 3 times a week . Thus, it is possible to control all the basic knowledge of mathematics before moving on to a high level of concepts.

The best apps for reviewing math are:


  • MyScript Calculator.
  • The King of Mates.
  • Game of Tables.
  • Math vs. Zombies
  • Math Ref.
  • TableTots Maestro.
  • GeoGebra,
  • Math Formulas,
  • Mental calculator.

The playful and pedagogical dimension of the applications will help the youngest to perceive math as a game and, thus, forget about their own mental blocks. Unlike other students, the child who works with these applications will be used to this subject, and it will not seem like a punishment to have to do math homework.


Install an App in just a few seconds and start learning math!


School support… is it useful to improve in mathematics?

Getting A’s in math is great… but getting tuition is so much better!

School support to study mathematics is an indispensable resource to avoid repeating a grade or to access the most difficult careers. Having a math teacher who offers personalized attention is an ideal option to find out your strengths and weaknesses. With his methodology and experience, the teacher will be able to help you for sure!


School support in mathematics is also advisable for those who want to delve into more complex aspects of this discipline:

  • Exponential functions. 
  • Differential equations.
  • Second degree equations.
  • Axial symmetry.
  • Related functions.
  • Algorithms.

For students in science or technology high school, it may be a good idea to take an intensive math course during school holidays to review before the selectivity. Thus, they will be able to review the entire annual program just before D-day. Therefore, at Online Tutoring Source  we propose primary math classes so that the student can start as soon as possible.

What do you have to do to give private math classes? Well, it’s simple:

  • Go through the academies of classes at home.
  • Look at the advertisements in schools, libraries, stationers …
  • Look at the advertisements in the newspapers.
  • Look at the ads on social media.
  • Trust word of mouth.

At Online Tutoring Source, the average price of a math class is 60 to 100 Dirham


How do these types of classes work? The teacher will propose progressive exercises so that you can review on a weekly basis and reach your goal of getting a 10 or an honors degree in high school (or in the course you are in!).  If you combine the private classes together with the practice carried out in class, the student will improve his average grade and fall in love with this discipline.

Who knows, he might become a mathematician or one of our Online Tutoring Source teachers!

Other keys to succeeding in math

Getting good at math is something that is acquired through a certain methodology that the student must make his own.

There are other solutions to get outstanding and talented in math .

Online videos

The Internet offers infinite possibilities to discover other sources of knowledge; Although it is true that it is essential to choose these sources carefully.  Experienced and passionate teachers propose to work on mathematics with  pedagogical videos (such as Sector Mathematics , a good math blog). The relationship of children and especially of adolescents with books is no longer the same as it was a few years ago, so now it is necessary to have the Internet. Adolescents are especially receptive to new technologies. For this reason, some teachers have managed to develop explanatory and pedagogical videos in which a certain methodology is transmitted to solve this or that problem, within their program (see our article on the different methods of learning mathematics). The videos are more playful and at the same time maintain the same effectiveness as a lecture given at school or reading a math book. The student will be learning without even realizing it, and will also be able to put aside some of the possible prejudices that mathematics inspires.


Write class files :

Having studied each lesson seen in class is essential to become a good student in this subject. And for this, the best practical method is to create cards that summarize a chapter or that refer to a certain concept.

On these cards, of course, it will be necessary to put in writing what was learned in class, the formula or the appropriate theorem, but also to write examples using exercises that have already been corrected. If you review in this way, in a structured way, you are more likely to understand math better and not get confused with the different knowledge that must be retained.  Make cards for arithmetic, for functions, for geometry, for trigonometry, for volumes and areas, etc.


Mistakes to Avoid in Mathematics

  • Believe that mathematical problems are only solved through intelligence. To reason properly, the brain needs a solid foundation, a wealth of knowledge, and a variety of tools .
  • Practice with uncorrected exercises: this is a very common mistake among students. Now, to improve in mathematics, you have to know where you are going, know your weak points, identify your gaps and, consequently, discover how to solve those difficulties.
  • Work from the beginning with difficult exercises: it is the best way to stagnate, to lose motivation and, even worse, to put off work before the blank paper. Start small and try to progress slowly but surely once you have acquired a certain concept.
  • Abandoning the first change: it is normal, and sometimes a little is enough to send everything to fry asparagus, right? But mathematics requires concentration, patience and, above all, a lot of practice.
  • Ask yourself about what is expected of you with these types of exercises, try to understand the theorems and definitions, and if you are not clear, ask a teacher.
  • Focus only on grades: Studying math just with the goal of getting good grades is a mistake.

Learn to look further, improve your learning capacity, expand your knowledge and make mathematics one of your achievements. Beyond the fact that this subject allows you to access good studies, it is important that your general level is good. If you want to know how to prepare for the mathematics selectivity exam , see our article.