Hire Private SAT Tutors Online In Dubai- Free Online trial

With¬†the Online SAT Tutoring Dubai¬†program, the class comes to you where you are for the best in convenience and expert support. With the right blend of experts, we design the very best course plans and question banks taught by our experienced teachers who know the Test and how to leverage cutting edge technology suited to Online teaching methodologies. Each student attempting the SAT has vastly different abilities, and our program focuses on each student’s unique learning needs.¬†Online SAT Tutoring Dubai¬†is a one-on-one SAT prep solution designed for students who focus on SAT prep with maximum personalized attention.¬†

We have produced the best SAT results globally. Our success rate is 90% which is the highest in the industry. No other institute comes even close to us in terms of SAT preparations. We have the most updated material, and we provide all the required material required for SAT exam preparation. We have developed a standardized process, methodology to prepare our students for the SAT exam. We consistently strive towards improving our processes to deliver the best SAT Results all across the world. 

Online SAT Tutoring Program :

We do classes for Mathematics Level 1 and 2, physics, chemistry, and biology. Language tests can be written only or written with listening. You may take up to three subjects in one sitting, although you should spread them out if you want. You are allowed to change the subject you take with no penalty.

Along with these special benefits which we provide to our each most valuable student are as follows- 

  • 50 hours of live instruction on Reading, Writing and Mathematics.
  • 300+ hours of updated offline preparation and practice material.
  • Customized study plan with counselling.
  • Individual performance tracking and in-depth analysis for each student.
  • Personal Trainers for targeting individual strengths and weaknesses.
  • Guaranteed small group courses with one-on-one doubt clearing sessions with experts.

Enjoy A Free Online Tutoring Class

  • Customized one-on-one Tutoring sessions with highly experienced and renowned SAT faculty along with Customized hour based Tutoring packages.
  • Detailed study plan customized to your target score and exam date. We give our own set of books and materials designed by our experienced team of facilities.¬†
  • Numerous sectional tests are designed to enhance your accuracy, speed and stamina.
  • 17 full-length mock test papers for practice with Exhaustive and comprehensive study material developed through 27+ years of research.

Why Choose Us?

  • Personal attention and guidance for high scores as guaranteed. A limited number of students helps in giving personalized attention to each child.¬†
  • Pace and structure are customized to your specific requirements and high-end digital learning and doubt clearing sessions.
  • Regular progress tracking and discussion about improving scores.
  • Exhaustive collection of questions and mock tests and Vocabulary building strategy designed to excel in SAT.
  • 100+ hours of academic, doubt and admissions webinars at convenient timings.¬†
  • Online performance analysis of each mock Test with recording and One free university admissions counselling session.

We aim to get the best possible score for the student maximizes their potential. Our one on one live classes is done through Skype with a whiteboard, and the trial class is provided on request We. We are a premier admission consultancy, and the number one SAT coaching centre providing selected oriented and proficient training to students who apply for admission in universities.