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It is always preferable to send your child for private tuition as it helps in their growth & development process. In school, they may learn a lot of new things, but with the help of a private tutor, they get the vision to understand & concentrate on the concepts more clearly. Our private tutors are comprehending with several topics which they transmit to students during the online classes. 

Facilities offer by us.

Below we mentioned the subjects which we offer to our students. Our tutors have gained proficiency in these subjects; moreover, we have a respective teacher for a particular subject. 

– International Baccalaureate

– Math

– O & A-Levels

– English


– SAT-I & II

– Chemistry

– Physics

Take free sample classes.

Yes, we offer free sample classes to our students. These sample classes also help them to sharpen their knowledge. On the first trial click, you can access our free online courses in which we provide equal support to trial-based students. Fill the form appropriately, and then you will be redirected to our administrator, who help you to take the session of 30 minutes or 1 hour. If you are satisfied with the trial class, you can enroll in the full-time online private tutors. Our administration team handles the payment and negotiation part.

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We are glad to announce that we hired professional tutors who have experience in teaching. Further, our private tutors have already completed their degrees and professional courses, certified by our institute. For example, take IB Math Tutor Online Dubai classes, and it is guaranteed that you will end every session with excellent performance. Ultimately, you start to get higher scores on your report cards. Ask your doubts, and you will get a solution for each of your doubts. Be it academic subjects or professional subjects; our tutors will help you prepare all of them thoroughly. Students not only sum up the concepts in their mind but also understands them deeply.

Why choose our private IB Math tutors Online?

As we are the online platform where we offer our different subjects, private tutors, we are sure that there would be enough reasons to pick our services for your child. All parents want to build a secure future for their kids. Most importantly, we all know that the lessons from school are not enough, and to understand them properly, a child needs a private tutor to focus better on the studies and achieve higher scores.

  • Due to our online classes, it becomes feasible for every student to pursue their subject tuition from anywhere, and it becomes a convenient option day by day.
  • We provide advanced technology for the students to develop the new methodology of the study, and it cheers up the student to learn better.
  • Even though students are getting online classes, they will get the same attention in offline courses. Our private tutors will monitor the child properly.
  • Provide best study material or notes to improve their knowledge for the upcoming exams and tests. The professionals prepare these notes; thus exams will come out from these notes only.


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Once you decide to Hire your private IB Math tutor with us, you will get exclusive services from our company. We have different packages, including time, subject, level, etc., and we would offer you our best prices and services for each level student.