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International General Certificate of Secondary Education is a middle school certification obtained by the students. It is believed that the curriculum to pass this exam is a bit different from the general one as the focus here is on logical and analytical study. Although, there are multitude of advantages of clearing this exam, but not all students are able to grasp in the concepts, for them going in for our igcse online tutoring UAE seems to be the best possible option. Our teachers will adopt a systematic approach looking at the ability of the student to ensure that the end results of the exam come out as expected (brilliant).

The curriculum for IGCSE stands huge, 70 plus subjects out of which 30 are languages and rest is all about logical learning, students do not feel confident, but there is nothing that you cannot achieve and this is what we make them understand. Our teachers adopt highly professional and latest teaching modules to cover up the syllabus whilst ensuring that the momentum amongst the students does not dip.

Students can freely interact with the tutors and share all that they want to prep up for the exam and this is what makes us the best pick for igcse online tutoring UAE!



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Our IGCSE/GCSE Online Tutoring UAE Covers All Integral Components

Online tutoring source has been offering IGCSE online tutoring UAE for years now and with time we have become much more flexible and result centric in our approach.

  • We carry out subject wise sessions covering all major subjects such as Physics, Mathematics, Accounting, Biology, Chemistry, Economics and Social Studies.
  • The sessions timing schedules and subject matter depend on the students‚Äô aptitude as our goal is to help them clear out the IGCSE Exam with flair.

Our anytime, anywhere learning model is out there to encourage all those students who have strong scoring aspirations!

Why Is OTS The Best Choice For IGCSE Online Tutoring UAE?

We are extremely enthusiastic about how our students fair up in the IGCSE exam and this is why we have worked hard on both teachers and study material to bring out great grades and scores.

  • Dedicated Teachers: The tutors at OTS are not only experienced but dedicated too, they are always there to guide the students, to encourage them to practice more and monitor every student‚Äôs performance to keep a track of the learning process.
  • 1:1 Online Tutoring: We have got enough teachers to provide one to one tutoring to the students who wish to score great grades in IGCSE exam. Our tutors will not only evaluate the learning graph but will also ensure that it steadily improves and does not become stagnant at any given point.
  • Constant Progress Check: We have adopted a real time progress check mechanism using which the students and their parents are updated about the assignment grades and test scores on regular basis.

We promise to prepare you to not only crack the IGCSE exam but also several other such tests with confidence in future!