Top 5 School of Dubai, UAE

UAE and Pakistan are countries which over time have exchanged tons of cultures, trends, and lifestyles. Constructive and beneficial relations are the major reasons for similar developments in both countries. Moreover, numerous Pakistanis who live in the UAE now have greatly influenced the sights and sounds of the country. Now that Dubai is massively filled with Pakistanis, the Pakistani schools in the UAE have also increased in leaps and bounds. Following is the list of the top Pakistani schools in Dubai.


PAMIR PRIVATE SCHOOL, A KIPS project in Sharjah with its holistic based education aims to prepare your children to value and embrace their future. The purpose of this school is to cultivate life-long learners and balanced, service-oriented citizens, who will be prepared to contribute positively in a globally competitive world. With a spirit of adventure, exploration, research, and creation Pamir Private School strives to build conscientiousness, responsibility, integrity, and honesty in its children. The school uses the principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage to give your children the best possible start in life and support them to reach their complete potential. PAMIR believes in excellence and grooming and is based on T.R.U.S.T. 

T stands for teaching and innate abilities, R stands for the responsibility of students, U stands for uniqueness and distinctive features of PAMIR, S stands for student career and counseling and T stands for teamwork the most important of all. Unlike PAMIR Mountains one of the tallest and largest mountains in the world, PAMIR PRIVATE SCHOOL being one of the best in Sharjah also seeks to achieve the horizons.

Pakistan Islamia Higher Secondary School


Pakistan Islamia Higher Secondary School (PIHSS) established in 1974 with a safe and secure school environment aims to provide a quality education through teamwork and cooperation. PIHSS strongly believes to inculcate strong Islamic beliefs in students and to build a sense of fairness, tolerance, and respect for other cultures.

The revised curriculum of Kg to 8 class will surely enable the students to participate in International Benchmarking Tests like PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment), PIRLS (Progress in International Reading Literacy Study), ASSET (Assessment of Scholastic Skills through Educational Testing), TIMSS (Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study), CAT 4 (Cognitive Abilities Test Fourth Edition) and IBT (International Benchmark Test). To encourage co-curricular activities PIHSS provides facilities like laboratories, libraries, sports activity centers, auditorium, and juniors activities facilities. The school offers a healthy communication opportunity for parents by listening to parent’s queries and helping them out.


Since 1988 Al Amaal English High School in Sharjah is one of the leading schools of Sharjah. They offer valuable education from Kg to 10 based on FBISE Islamabad which leads to SSC level Examination. The school’s vision is to empower life-long learners by providing them with quality education with educated staff so students can exhibit their talents and make their nation proud. Al Amaal School provides numerous facilities to its students that include sports grounds, school library, computer laboratory, science laboratories, auditorium, kindergarten activity room, KG outdoor play area, along with other services like transport, school clinic, prayer room, and a school canteen. This school strives to mold the students in such a way that they perfectly fit in every aspect of their future life. At Al Amaal parent-teacher meetings are held to create a better understanding between teacher and parent regarding student‚Äôs progress. No doubt the school with its worthwhile facilities is one of the top schools of Sharjah.



A school established in 1979 in Ajman for Pakistani expatriates seeks to give excellent secondary and higher secondary education with the help of high caliber teachers. The school is embedded in theory, standards, exploration, wonder, tolerance, practice, reflection, and action. PSA nourishes student‚Äôs minds with the latest methodologies which not only produce excellent academic results but also build learning skills among students. The teaching is based on FBISE, Islamabad, Pakistan to prepare children for Secondary School Certificate Examination. The vast range of curricular and co-curricular activities, worksheets, weekly and monthly assessments, and lectures are arranged to develop new thoughts in students. The huge Pakistani Population residing in Dubai definitely will attract from such quality institutes which not only offer education but also shape the student’s personality and strive to make him a global citizen.


When UAE became a hub of businesses, expatriates from all across the world especially Pakistanis came and resided in Dubai and now their children needed quality teaching in a totally new country. In such crucial stages schools like OMAR BIN AL KHATTAB, PAKISTAN ISLAMIA SCHOOL fulfilled the need for Islamic teaching based schools. The school was set up in 1980 in Ajman to provide education to the underprivileged section. The school runs on funds from the UAE government and private donations. The OBK Pakistan Islamia School flourished with a vision of transferring learning to live beyond the classroom and enabling each student to flourish as a responsible citizen in the global community. Furthermore, faith, integrity, and responsibility are the values which the system strives to imprint in their students. The school uses the methodology of hybrid learning which is a mixture of face-to-face and online learning; of which we all are now clearly aware. OBK follows the Pakistan National Curriculum but also adds the touch of European and American education so that the students also experience a world-class education. Such schools no doubt are the top schools in UAE because of their distinctive teaching methodology and provision of valuable services to their students. So if you live in Dubai and are in search of some finest schools for your children and their bright future, definitely visit these schools of UAE.


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