Cambridge O Level Physics (5054) Syllabus

Cambridge, O-level Physics, is an internationally recognized qualification for 14 to 16 years, old students. Cambridge O level Physics amplifies talents of handling data, functional-based problem solving and applying the scientific method in their daily life problems. Cambridge’s principal goal is to encourage the students to be confident, responsible, innovative, engaged, and reflective. The content of Cambridge O-level physics aims to enable the Students to understand applications of scientific theories and knowledge. The Students will study the following topics.

  1. Forces, motion, and energy
  2. Thermal Physics
  3. Waves
  4. Magnetism and Electricity
  5. Nuclear Physics
  6. Space Physics

The students are going to appear in three papers. Learners will get grades A* to F. Paper 1 will be multiple choice paper consist of 40 compulsory MCQs with four options the duration of this paper is 1 hr. Paper 2  will be a Theory paper comprised of compulsory short answers and structured questions. Paper 2 will be of 80 marks and the time allocated is 1 hr 45 min. For Paper 3 and 4, students will have the option to attempt any one paper. Both of them are 40 marks exams. Paper 3 will be the practical test in which students will do an experiment in the laboratory. Paper 4 is Alternative to Practical(ATP). The candidate will not perform practicals; however, there will be experiment-based questions.

Cambridge As & A level Physics

Cambridge International AS & A Level Physics develops various skills, including data handling, problem-solving, and applying scientific techniques in daily life problems. Cambridge International AS & A Level Physics encourages the learner to be innovative, confident, responsible, and reflective.  Key concepts of Cambridge International AS & A Level Physics helps the student to develop great depth of subject knowledge and to exhibits confidence in applying skills in the new situation.

Candidates for Cambridge International As-Level Physics will study following topics

1 Physical quantities and units

 2 Kinematics

 3 Dynamics

4 Forces, density and pressure

5 Work, energy and power

6 Deformation of solids

 7 Waves

 8 Superposition

9 Electricity

10 D.C. circuits

11 Particle physics   

Candidates for Cambridge International A-Level Physics will study following topics

12 Motion in a circle

13 Gravitational fields

14 Temperature

15 Ideal gases

16 Thermodynamics

17 Oscillations

18 Electric fields

19 Capacitance

20 Magnetic fields

21 Alternating currents

22 Quantum physics

23 Nuclear physics

24 Medical physics

25 Astronomy and cosmology

The students of As level Physics are going to appear in three exams. Paper 1 will of 40 multiple choice questions consist of 40 marks. The time for paper 1 is 1 hr 15 min. Questions for Paper 1 will be based on As-level syllabus content. Paper 2 will be As-level structured questions based on As-level syllabus content. The marks for Paper 2 are 60, and 1 hr 15 min time is allocated for this paper. Paper3 is the Advance practical skills paper. Questions are based on the experimental skills-based practical assessment section of the syllabus. The paper will be of 40 marks and 2 hours.

The Student of A-level Physics is going to appear in two exams, P4 & P5. Paper 4 will be of A-level structured Questions. This paper will have  100 marks. The time allocated for this paper is 2 hrs. The content of this paper is purely base on the A-level syllabus. Paper 5 is planning, analysis, and evaluation exams. In this exam, the students are going to answer two compulsory questions. The paper will be of 30 marks and the time allocated for this exam is 1 hr 15 min.