O & A-Levels

A Levels /o Levels

The Advanced Level (A levels) is a GCE qualification usually taken by the students in their final two years of secondary school. A-level qualification can lead to University, training, further study, or work. There are more than 40 subjects; some of the subjects are new, and some of the subjects are requisite of your GCSE subjects. Online Tutoring Source has Cambridge trained tutors, and they all experience subject specialized. OTS knows how to make you get an A grade in your A-level exams.

Why A Level ?

A levels is a qualification that is nationally and internationally recognized. It is the entry requirement of most universities. Moreover it is also the pre-requisite of many professional pieces of training. A-level provides flexible choices for selecting the subjects according to your taste and love. A student typically study A-level between the age of 17 to 19 after completing their GCSE/IGCSE or O-level( Grade10)

A-levels can help acquire skills such as:

• Analytical Thinking
Critical Thinking
Knowledge Management
Persuasion and Developing an Argument
Case Study Development
Research Skills
Drawing Conclusions


Choosing A-Levels Subject

The most significant standards for picking A levels subjects are:
1. Looking at what you possibly enjoy and be good at. If you relish a subject or have a background in it already, you are more likely to do well.
2. Are there any distinct subjects and/or grades you may require? If you have an appropriate career, job, or further study in mind, you may need to pick distinct A levels in order to meet entry conditions.
3. How wide you need to hold your future education and professional choices?